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Projet en Crète

Student competition // 2012

Studio : Atelier 6, P. Barrière

Program : House extension

Localization : Agios Ioannis, Crete

Projet en Crète


This project follows a competition launched in our studio, concerning the extension of a Cretan house in a small urban infill in the southeast of the island. The project heldby the house owner would be realized by a local builder. On the 15 presented projects, my proposal was retained.

The extension is based on a research for material homogeneity, while letting it assert itself in front of the initial facade. In this way, a local stone (already present in the last floor) was chosen, but an overhang frees itself from this treatment in a will of assertion and from development of the point of view offered on the first floor. Finally, a bright fault allows to bring more light while unifying the facade.

At the ground floor takes place a small studio, where a furniture staircase allows to answer a need for arrangements in a so small space, while offering a bed in mezzanine to free the ground. In the floor, a real lounge is developed in the extension, taking advantage of the overhang to offer a point of view on the surrounding landscape.

Photo of the construction