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Extension du Vieux-Séminaire

4th year project // 2012

Studio : Atelier 6, P. Barrière

Program : Extension of the School of Architecture

Localization : Québec QC, Canada

Duration : 2 months

Extension du Vieux-Séminaire

Further to a choice of a studio taking side of a work on textile material, we were free in the project we wanted to develop. Knowing only few the city and the places on which I would like to work, I chose the place which I frequented most : the school of architecture.

Situated in an convent, the school has magnificents surroundings. Nevertheless, internal spaces are cloistered and the building doesn't have real spaces opened to all the students. The project proposes an extension linking the various partsof the building and opening it on its backyard located on the lower floor.

The inner courtyard becomes subject to appropriation by creating a terrace and by attaching it the showroom and the student cafe. The library is situated in its continuation, allowing it to regalvanize by its positionning, besides the various modules planned inside. The extension ends in the backyard by an experimental workshop and by lecture hall, an element being sorely lacking at this school.