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Au fil des oeuvres et de leurs souvenirs

in partnership with Margot Delobelle

Third year project // 2011

Studio : G. Tironi and C. Mollard

Program : Art gallery

Localization : Seyssins, France

Au fil des oeuvres et de leurs souvenirs


Designed for works of Markus Raetz (deformation and perception), Alexander Calder (aerial sculptures) and Constantin Brancusi (sculptural and surrealist abstraction), the art gallery takes memory as concept. The visitor walk along an impressive stone wall, exhibition's main thread, through which views on anamorphics sculptures are framed, prevent to the spectator the possibility of associating perception and understanding. Past image, future experiment, it's only later he will be able to really make it him.

Discovery is fundamental in the conception of this gallery. Instigate curiosity, let glimpse a work, a frame... a memory. Time takes back its prime place.

Ground Plan