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Anirnik Qilaq

Nomadic Light

Student competition // 2012

Agency : Hatem +D Architecture

Competition : Lightitude, CLU Foundation

Program : imagine a lamp adapted to
the northern populations

Localization : Nunavik, Canada

"LIGHTITUDE" is the theme of the 2012 CLU foundation design competition. This year's theme invites participants to reflect on lighting the communities near the Polar Circle, winter territories. Due to their high latitude these communities are subjected to particular lighting phenomena. Since light is an essential part of every living organism, it or its lack thereof has a profound effect on humankind. Can these isolated communities benefit from a more adapted artificial outdoor lighting solution to satisfy their particular Nordic needs and identities?CLU Foundation

Anirnik Qilaq // Nomadic light

Reinterpret a traditional component of the Inuit culture, the Inukshuk; to rework, to model and to toughen each of its constituent elements gets closer to the thought of their art, which has to be the expression of what the material contains inside.

A Real Great Lamp !

For the Inuits, any thing owns a spirit. Anirniq Qilaq, or the breath of the sky, proposes a staging of their everyday life. These radical forms, interpretationsof icebergs and rocks, aim to be discreet and alive. Some nebulas with the colors of auroras borealis parade on their surfaces, offering to the village a new vitality. These interactive elements can take place wherever. In front of our home or behind a snowmobile; seat, play area or simple light, every inhabitant becomes an owner of a constituent element of his own culture. Refills areas allow to create spaces of social interactions, inviting the inhabitants to be together again and to share.

A Real Great Lamp !
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